Our easy-to-use proprietary software puts all of your farm’s financial data at your fingertips.

With live profit and loss reports, expenses per acre, break even analysis per bushel, and sales tracking, you will have the power to maximize your profits by making the right decisions at the right time.

But the best part is that we’ll do all of the work for you. Whatever method you use to track your farm’s financial data, we’ll pick it up, input the information for you, and get you set up for success.

Live Profit and Loss

Instantly view where your profit and loss is according to the current market price.

Track Your Expenses

Understand where your money is going by tracking your expenses per acre.

Breakeven Analysis

Individual breakevens for each crop and each field in your operation. This information aids in the execution of your marketing plan.

Track Sales

Easily view all of your contracts in one place.

With you from start to finish

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